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The Ashera is basically a designer cat created from the Savannah, Bengal, and possibly other breeds. They receive a great deal of hype and publicity, and are sold for about 10 times the cost of a Savannah. Will My Savannah kitten be BIG? There are no guarantees when it comes to the size of a Savannah cat. The heritage of Savannahs is both the very tall Serval and the normal-sized domestic cat, therefore the kittens could end up close to either size. The extremely tall kittens occasionally produced started out as average weight and size kittens. They do not exhibit tell-tale signs of how big they will be often until they are three months or older.

Most breeders will not guarantee a large sized cat, though it often happens anyway. The size of a Savannah depends on the generation and cats outcrossed into a particular pedigree to create him. By the time you get down to F4 and F5 generations, most Savannahs are simply taller and longer than a domestic but not much heavier. When Does a Savannah Reach Full Size? Savannahs appear to grow for up to three years. Most of the height of a Savannah will be achieved in the first year, but still an inch or two might be added later on. More muscle mass is gained in the second year, and the body will fill out over a year or two once it is not growing upwards so fast.

What Colors and Patterns Do Savannahs Come In? Savannahs come in a variety of colors and patterns. Most Savannahs are spotted, preferably with solid black or dark brown spots. Because of the variety of domestic breeds introduced into the Savannahs’ gene pool you might also see some non-standard colors including chocolate, cinnamon, blue, red, or colorpoint. You might also see a marble pattern, which looks like s swirling elongated bullseye pattern. What are the Most Important Attributes of the Savannah Breed?

Size is NOT the most important attribute. The Savannah should be tall, long, lean and elegant in appearance. His ears should be tall and upstanding and the spots dramatic. Most Savannah owners will probably tell you that the attribute they consider the most important and unique is their Savannah’s personality. What is the Savannah’s Personality Like? The Savannah personality is highly energetic, intelligent and sociable.

It is hard to describe what it is like to live with a Savannah. They are wonderful companions for people who enjoy interacting with their pets. A sense of humor is essential to live with a Savannah. Will My Savannah Play in Water and Jump into the Bath with Me? Servals hunt in water for frogs and small fish, so we often find that a Savannah tolerates water more than the average domestic cat. Some Savannahs LOVE water and will turn on taps and jump into baths and showers whenever possible.

However, not all Savannahs share this trait, so please do not expect them to love the bath. No cat likes to HAVE to do anything. Many Savannahs enjoy going outside into an outdoor enclosure when it rains and come in dripping wet, but not all want to jump in the bath! Can You I Walk a Savannah on a Leash like a Dog? Savannahs are curious, outgoing cats that often enjoy going for walks. With careful training you can often have them walking on a leash like a dog, except maybe not quite as obedient.

They love to explore so will want to wander around. How Do I Choose the Right Savannah Breeder? It’s hard to decide where you might want to get your kitten. There are many breeders with kittens available, which makes it important to consider many factors. 15-20-odd years, so your new family member should be a well thought-out decision. The breeder is part of that decision. The breeder you choose to purchase a kitten from should be someone you trust and whose opinion you value. Contact a few breeders and ask questions. Ask about their breeding program, the potential parents of your kitten, what the parents’ personalities are like. Ask about previous kittens and what they are like now they are grown. If problems arise once you have the kitten you still want your breeder to be available to help answer questions and share the experience of your Savannah. Ask about the breeds behind that kitten, and for a copy of its pedigree. Discuss what breeds went into making that particular kitten and what attributes those breeds may contribute to its health, looks and personality.