Can cats be fixed and still have balls

You don’t expect me to talk about that with you! Why would you even want to know? Well you know I’m not getting any so it’s nice to know someone else is. She had broken up with her boyfriend a couple of months back. Well I’m not getting any either ok?

Scatter hand job is it. Don’t bother me if you believe me or not. She is a bit of a ho. Where did you do her? In a bedroom at a party last summer. When most everyone was passed out or gone.

Well both of us were pretty drunk but it was the first time for me so yeah it was good. I did her again at the end of the summer in the back seat of dad’s truck. I hate doing it in back seats. On the beach at the beginning of this summer. She was pissed at herself cause she going out with Josh Greene. At beginning of the summer so you had started seeing Becky then you dog!

Say this is just between us right? Well it was at a beach party. We were chem lab partners in school and so we know each other a bit. She laughs a lot with me and you know, it’s a big beach, people were all separated and we were a bit drunk. Went up to the bluff a bit and sat down. I didn’t even think it would go there.

I was goofing around with her a bit and she was laughing and started clinging on a bit. She’s cute,» Nikki said again. Well before you know it we were kissing and luckily enough I had a few condoms. God was it ever good! You could hear the surf, it was so warm, and the stars were out. After she was a bit pissed. Not at me, more at herself I guess.

Swore me to silence and we went back to the party separately. Titty action and handjobs with Becky too. Just you know » he held his hands wide and cupped up to his mouth and started flicking his tongue. But about a hundred times! Brad is so fucking boring I don’t know why I was going out with him for that long. While beautifully shaped there wasn’t enough there to squeeze together for that.

She gave him an icy stare. He grinned and then then stood up and gulped back the rest of his beer and went over to the fridge. Get me another one too dweeb. Naw, you’ve had enough,» he grinned at him. Jesus Nikki you’re getting horney. Her mouth dropped open in surprise, «What,» she asked incredibly. He grinned at her as he sat down and stretched out his legs. If you weren’t my sister I’d think I was getting laid for sure. You’re the one probably getting horney talking about all your conquests.