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Our goal is to find you the perfect cat for your home. We recommend that you consider what age, size and temperament of cat would best suit your lifestyle and family. Friday from 6PM-8PM, and Saturday-Sunday from 2PM-4PM. You can also set up a private appointment to see a specific cat or cats.

Please note:  Kittens, under the age of four months, are not kept at the shelter. They are housed in foster care off premise. You may download an application and bring it with you the day you visit. An Adoption Counselor will review your application and help make sure the cat you are interested in is a good match for you and your family. We are making love-matches so it can take us a few days to review your application details. Please note: We may take up to three applications on a cat while we are getting them ready for adoption in order to select the home that we feel is the best match for that particular animal. You have the power to make a difference in the lives of animals in need.

Dogs have a lot of love to give all throughout their lives. As your dog gets older, you can repay him for his unconditional love with the extra care he needs to live comfortably and happily through his senior years. Knowing what health conditions might crop up as your dog advances towards the older years is just the first step in ensuring your dog can remain happy and healthy long into his golden days. Sign up for our Email Newsletter! 2017 Danbury Animal Welfare Society. Meet your match at The Humane Society of Western Montana in Missoula and give a cat or kitten a forever home. This animal is pending a Meet Your Match review.

To learn more about cats being cared for at our adoption center, please contact our volunteer adoption facilitators by leaving a message at 651-642-5900 ext. Or stop by our adoption center, 593 Fairview Ave N in St. The new website looks great! Our web site volunteers will be adding more content over the next few weeks. I agree, the new website looks great is more user friendly than the other one. Our web site volunteers appreciate the positive comments.

I am interested in adopting and wondering what your adoption process was like. Thank you for considering adopting from Feline Rescue. We have two separate teams of volunteer adoption facilitators, one for the cats cared for at our shelter and other for cats and kittens cared for in foster homes. To learn more about Feline Rescue’s foster adoption process, please contact our volunteer foster adoption coordinator at 651-705-6264. To learn more about Feline Rescue’s shelter adoption process, please contact our volunteer shelter adoption coordinator at 651-642-5900 ext. Sign up to get Feline Rescue news and updates delivered to your inbox. 593 Fairview Ave N, St.

We are a small home cattery located just south of Denver, Colorado — striving to breed for health, temperament, beauty, size, and flop. We have taken care to purchase our breeders from fantastic, healthy, hearty lines. Our breeding cats are beloved members of our family, and our kittens go through an extensive and mindful socialization process that begins, under foot, the day that they are born. Our small size gives us the opportunity to focus on the healthy physical and social development of each kitten in our home. Our kittens are rare and we congratulate those who are lucky enough to have one of these precious gems in their home! We keep our website up to date.

You will enjoy personal and professional service as we guide you through the experience of bringing home the purrrrfect Ragdoll of your dreams! We have a no declaw policy! And with every change we make from blame to blessing, we pierce the veil of illusion that separates us from the world we want. Curiosity is the very basis of education and if you tell me that curiosity killed the cat, I say only the cat died nobly. Enter all ye who fancy the fabulous feline. You do not have to have an FB account to follow our page. We produce traditional, tortie, flame and lynx ragdolls. We are currently accepting waitlist deposits for our 2018 dollies. Check our nursery calendar for kitten info. A magnificent boy out of our Nova and Poe. Prospective clients are highly encouraged to take the time to read this website, in its entirety, before placing a non-refundable deposit for one of our dollies. Cerebellar Hypoplasia is a disorder where the cerebellum of the brain has not fully formed.