Sentry calming pheromone cat collar

It can’t be too far away or she may not use it. First and foremost, always take your cat to a veterinarian for a checkup when this problem presents itself. The most common reason for not using the litter box is that the cat is stressed or feels threatened. See the next section for several suggestions that may help your kitty.

Consider the type of litter, the location of the litter box, and the type of box. We can recommend four over the counter remedies that should help: Rescue Remedy, Calming Collar, Feliway, and Quiet Moments. Kitty or make the situation worse. Pheromone Collar and  are all remedies to relax stressed cats. Feliway can be sprayed on bedding when cat is away and let dry, but should never be sprayed on or at the cat. CC4C members have used all of these products and have found them to be helpful in many situations.

Thundershirts also help to calm stressed or anxious cats for travel or vet visits. CC4C holds adoptions every weekend 1-4 pm at PETCO in Walnut Creek, Petfood Express in Pleasant Hill and Lafayette. Can CC4C help me with feral, stray, or abandoned cats and kittens? I need to re-home my cat—what should I do? What should I do if my cat is missing? 2015 Community Concern For Cats.

3-5 days after having a litter of puppies. Dog Appeasing Pheromone has a relaxing effect for both the young and adults dogs. It is an effective natural way to help your dog cope with new and fearful situations such as fireworks, thunderstorms, holiday stress, traveling or moving to a new environment. Animal Planet by California Costume Collections, Inc. Four Flags Over Aspen, Inc. Go Cat Feather Toys, Inc.

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